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We are Japan Container Logistics (JCL) Network, and we are the leading logistical process reviewer in Japan. We take everything into account – foreign policy, current procedures, strengths, weaknesses – and from all this data, we help come up with suggestions for improvement. We go by a culture of operational excellence and we do not compromise with it.


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What are the Principles for Good Logistics?

What exactly is logistics, and what is it that makes it so important for the world today? Well, if you’re looking for a definition, you don’t need to look for yet another tech blog just to find it. Logistics is a complex business framework involving planning, organising and delivery of a product from its origin to its final destination in a manner that is time-efficient and cost effective.Given this, it is of utmost importance that the system of logistics is not just one that gets the job done; more than that, it should do the job as excellently as possible.

But of course, that just raises the question in your head as well as those of the other website visitors – what does it mean for logistics to be good or excellent?

Some Principles/Virtues for Good Logistics

Here are some principles that together would constitute the general picture of what good logistics is like.

First of all, there should be honesty. As you most likely already know, logistics is a global business and language. Often coupled with Integrity, honesty really can be discussed as an entity on its own first as it is the foundation that features in a number of the other principles. Why? Well, this is simply because without honesty in your business dealings and transactions, as well as in the way you deliver your services and promises, you will not be able to establish a positive name for yourself within the global community.

The second principle is Integrity. As has already been mentioned above, integrity is usually coupled with honesty. Integrity aims to promote is the conducting of the logistics business with honesty and truthfulness. Where honesty finishes in terms of what people say they will do, Integrity picks up and defines how you uphold honesty through your actions.And so, to discuss the key difference between them: while honesty does not immediately mean integrity, integrity on the other hand already entails honesty.

The third principle is a sense of leadership as well as respect for others. As stated above, honesty and integrity form the foundation of successful leadership. But a strong leader has many many more characteristics.The difference between a leader and a great leader is that a great leader will view criticism as a way to look at improving the business thus seeing the greater good and welcome appropriate challenging rather than resent it and feel they need to make their position clear.


Being in the Logistics Business

If you happen to be in the logistics department, or you own a business that specializes in logistics, then you probably understand the inherent value of all these principles. At any rate, you can certainly get into business without keeping any of these principles in mind, and you can also make a lot of money still, but in the final analysis, there wouldn’t be any meaning in what you’re doing.

In the end, good logistics is still, and always will be, the kind of logistics that is principled. The rest you can simply learn from experience.