Japan Container Logistics

Services Page

Japan Container Logistics Network System prides itself in one thing: operational excellence. With this commitment to excellence, we offer the following services:

1) Drafting the best possible plan for delivery or transport

This is something that we intend to do with your full and active participation. With us, we consider our clients as our partners. And as our partners, there’s no better way to signify your utmost involvement than by helping us draft the best possible procedure for your delivery or transport. We know these things can get tricky, so trust us to say that in the final analysis of things, you are still the boss of the matter, so you get to decide.

2) Close contact for a review of your procedure

On the other hand, if you have no shipment to send or transport through us, we at JCL also function as a procedure reviewer. Think of it as a way to have your own Industrial Engineer, only this time this engineer will be fully dedicated to and focused on looking into and improving your logistics procedure. We all know how challenging logistics can be as a department and as a responsibility, which is mainly why we intend to ease some of the burden for you.

3) 24/7 customer support

Because we aim to provide only the best services, we promise that all of our customer support representatives and assistants will always be available for you. Whatever your concern may be, be it about the schedule of your shipment or if you have certain questions about how to further improve the efficiency of your whole logistical process, we will gladly respond to all of your queries and concerns. If there’s anything more annoying than a logistics service that can’t deliver on time, it’s probably a logistics service that can’t deliver on time and can’t be reached half the time. JCL is certainly not that sort of company.

But of course, some additional notes are necessary. If 24/7 customer support is what you really need and want, then you also need to do your part, in a manner of speaking. The first thing you have to make sure of is that you are in a place where there is sure signal, especially where the internet connection is concerned. Our services are heavily reliant on online connectivity, so it matters a lot that you stay connected. Otherwise, this promise of customer support being available 24/7 will be quite difficult to fulfill.

Nevertheless, we do hope to work with you and for you in the coming days.

In word and in deed, we will go by what we promise and we shall deliver according to all of them. We can’t wait to work with you soon.